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The how-to podcast for storytellers! Storycraft explores the business, process and personal experience of storytelling professionals, hosted by comic book illustrator Kraig Rasmussen. Learn how to survive & thrive in the story arts with firsthand insights from working storytellers in comic books, film, comedy, music, video games, literature, journalism, criticism and more! While you learn stuff, laugh, cringe, and bask in the unique stories, powerful minds, and colorful personalities of today's cutting edge creatives. New episodes released weekly!
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The Storycraft Podcast - The how-to show for storytellers, comic book creators, writers and filmmakers




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Nov 25, 2016

Jason McNamara sat down with me on some steps at Duboce Park in San Francisco to record this talk nearly four years ago, and it's easily still on topic for this show. Taking a breather from the current national blowback and the holiday crush, this episode features an interesting talk at a key moment for both of our careers, when things were about to shift, and we really, really wanted them to. Numerous insights and laughs fill an energetic discussion about breaking in, staying in, doing work that matters to you, feeling like outsiders and seeing things from that perspective. The episode was recorded to coincide with the Kickstarter campaign for The Rattler, written by Jason and illustrated by the inimitable Greg Hinkle. After the success of that kickstarter, the book went on to be one of my favorite reads in the last few years, and ultimately it was picked up and re-published by Image Comics. This conversation and the amazing book Jason and Greg made, are a testament to the fact that you can make it happen for yourself in comics if you're willing to put in the work. Buckle up for plenty of insight on that, and some incredibly entertaining convention anecdotes.

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Nov 18, 2016

After a week of sitting in stunned, post-election silence, (actually, we recorded an angry episode last week that promptly/conveniently/thankfully vanished,) Mike Dubisch and I convened once again to discuss the state of craft in the midst of tumultuous social and political upheaval. The conversation takes incredible turns from art and reality merging to powers behind the throne and on to why some storytellers are able to prophesize the future of society so accurately. It's an amazing recovery from the emotional mulligan that is the election of President... (bleh!)... Donald Trump. And don't worry, we do a pretty decent job of intertwining any politics with talk of craft, and even avoiding it for large chunks of the show. (Quite a feat, really!)

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Nov 4, 2016

Mike Dubisch joins the Storycraft podcast as the abby-normal co-host, bringing a new, much needed pulse to the show. We get in neck deep right away with a bristling indictment of misogynist Twitter trolling, fear of feminism, an obvious schism in American society, as well as the dreaded upcoming Presidential election and a whole helluva lot more.

If you have the habit of trolling people online and being vulgar, belligerent, threatening or hateful, this episode is ABOUT you, but probably not for you. Unless you just can't resist... But maybe just do us all the favor and steer clear?

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