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The how-to podcast for storytellers! Storycraft explores the business, process and personal experience of storytelling professionals, hosted by comic book illustrator Kraig Rasmussen. Learn how to survive & thrive in the story arts with firsthand insights from working storytellers in comic books, film, comedy, music, video games, literature, journalism, criticism and more! While you learn stuff, laugh, cringe, and bask in the unique stories, powerful minds, and colorful personalities of today's cutting edge creatives. New episodes released weekly!
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The Storycraft Podcast - The how-to show for storytellers, comic book creators, writers and filmmakers





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Jun 16, 2017

Comedian Ben Gleib (Neurotic Gangster on Showtime, The Idiotest on GSN) talks with me about the addictive nature of podcasting, technology's affects on society, clarifying the narratives in political & social debates, not needing to be right, valuing being wrong, and that the other side always has their own good reasons for feeling the way they do. We also talk about his recent travels to Israel and Palestine, the way he integrated that into his great podcast Last Week on Earth, starting conversations, and building communities. We share a ton of laughs, along with many large & small revelations, unique philosophies, our fears and hopes about the world, but did I mention the laughs? They are ample and various!! Strap in for one of my favorite comedians who also happens to be one of my favorite thinkers in podcasting-- we had a blast making this excellent episode!

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Feb 10, 2017

Jimmie Whisman and James Pietragallo, comedians & cohosts of the breakout podcasts, Crime in Sports and Small Town Murder, joined me to record this in the green room at Stand-Up Live in Phoenix, AZ. It has the slightly rowdy, sarcastic vibe of a night out, while simultaneously delivering a keen perspective on comedy tastes, the difference in comedy styles, growing as a comedian, performing in the age of YELP! and some not-so-secret-secrets of how boys play with action figures. We also take a hard look at pop culture icons, why modern movies suck sometimes and much more with some big laughs along the way!

Follow Jimmie Whisman on twitter @whismansucks, and catch him at the San Jose Improve with Jessimae Paluso February 17th-19th, as well as regular gigs at Stand-Up Live and the Tempe Improv in the Phoenix area.

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Jan 27, 2017

Comedian/writer/podcaster Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop, Point vs Point, Maron, the Idiotsitter) shares keen observations about language & culture, how Trump was destined to happen, how Hollywood is like a certain very painful type of Shaolin Kung Fu training, as well as a handful of practical rules about how to manage social media and our tech obsession. Follow these simple rules, and "we will probably get a lot more done, and get a lot more pissed off..."

Glad I got a comedian on here to talk about our scary new American landscape in an entertaining and thought provoking way. One of the richest and most entertaining episodes yet!

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