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Mar 3, 2017

Film director John Hyams sat with me in a noisy Hollywood motel room to discuss his solid career as a director, from his terrific documentary start, to his great work with Jean Claude Van Damme, especially the bravura surprise that is Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, and his unique childhood that, along with art school and some illustration chops, helped prepare him to become the powerful filmmaker he is today. We get into the difference between directing for TV and feature films, how TV and movies have switched narrative places, the future of cinema, and some incredibly tangible mental tools that allow you to make better films (or really any project.) In addition to dozens of great takeaways for creators, this episode is chock-a-block with behind the scenes wisdom and anecdotes from some very notable projects and moments in time, including the Universal Soldier films, Z Nation, his secret doc that I don't want to spoil here, and it's incredibly timed connection to the world of MMA/UFC, to some projects he didn't direct, but rather observed being made... Why am I being vague?

Listen to find out!

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Feb 25, 2017

Way back in 2012 I was invited to join a panel at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, entitled "Using Childhood Experiences to Create Adult Stories," featuring Jim Woodring(!), Miriam Libicki, Derek Kirk Kim, and mc'd by Andrew Farago from the Cartoon Art Museum. The panel stayed more on point than most and provides, as advertised, a slough of childhood tales, origin details, influences, inspirations, adventures and, naturally, misadventures. Despite some sound issues, which mostly clear up less than 15 minutes in, this is a terrific episode featuring and bunch of young upstarts (us) and a verified legend (Jim) sharing a thought provoking journey through our pasts, and our guts as artists. This episode is just as juicy as I like 'em!

This episode was originally posted during the first run of this podcast in 2013, but since that feed is gone and the the sound was so awful, it's basically new to everyone including me this time out.

Thanks very much to all the speakers!

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Feb 17, 2017

Peter Kleeman (founder & curator of the Space Age Museum,) recently wrote a terrific article for Quartz entitled "If you want to change reality, read more science fiction."

He did not pen that headline, which couldn't be more evident when you hear that his perspective goes far beyond just reading science fiction, an instead cuts to the core of the science fiction experience-- the fascination with space, imagination, long term vision and planning, society, spectacle, and of course, the enthralling sense of mysterious wonder for exploring the unknown.

This is a tremendously inspiring, compassionate, universal talk about the human side of politics and society, eschewing party lines and labels to discuss the truth that WE. ARE. ALL. HUMAN. We go deep about how we are in this together and we need to start acting like it. It's episode after my heart, reveling in levels of my mind I love to explore.

Please share this episode everywhere, to help get the attention of JPL, NASA, Elon Musk and the like, as they may be positioned and interested in supporting the Space Age Museum. This conversation is (on behalf of Peter and the Space Age Museum,) a shout out to the pioneers and dreamers who are advancing science and society inspired by their own love for science fiction.

Visit the Space Age Museum online for a dazzling tour of just a fraction of their collection: and follow the museum on twitter and instagram @spaceagemuseum.

Read Peter's excellent, optimistic and powerful article at Quartz:

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Feb 10, 2017

Jimmie Whisman and James Pietragallo, comedians & cohosts of the breakout podcasts, Crime in Sports and Small Town Murder, joined me to record this in the green room at Stand-Up Live in Phoenix, AZ. It has the slightly rowdy, sarcastic vibe of a night out, while simultaneously delivering a keen perspective on comedy tastes, the difference in comedy styles, growing as a comedian, performing in the age of YELP! and some not-so-secret-secrets of how boys play with action figures. We also take a hard look at pop culture icons, why modern movies suck sometimes and much more with some big laughs along the way!

Follow Jimmie Whisman on twitter @whismansucks, and catch him at the San Jose Improve with Jessimae Paluso February 17th-19th, as well as regular gigs at Stand-Up Live and the Tempe Improv in the Phoenix area.

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Feb 4, 2017

Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap has been impressing me (and cracking me up) with his keen observations and high output for years. It was a long awaited pleasure to sit down and discuss the discipline of producing a regular comic strip, how to navigate relationships, how other people see artists, using social media for good instead of ill, convention hacks, life balance and a lot more. It is, unsurprisingly, also quite topical as the shadow of the orange tyrant looms over all the land, and is impossible to avoid discussing.

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Jan 27, 2017

Comedian/writer/podcaster Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop, Point vs Point, Maron, the Idiotsitter) shares keen observations about language & culture, how Trump was destined to happen, how Hollywood is like a certain very painful type of Shaolin Kung Fu training, as well as a handful of practical rules about how to manage social media and our tech obsession. Follow these simple rules, and "we will probably get a lot more done, and get a lot more pissed off..."

Glad I got a comedian on here to talk about our scary new American landscape in an entertaining and thought provoking way. One of the richest and most entertaining episodes yet!

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Jan 20, 2017

Film Critic Neil T. Weakley ( joined me to hash out our favorite films, filmmakers, film quirks/sublteties that make films improve as we grow with them, a whole bunch of Star Wars talk, and what it means to truly critique a thing. There's a strong thread of allowing art to be what it wants to be, not what we want it to be. It's a playful, nerdy, detailed and altogether story praising episode. Hear us two fanatics dish on levels rarely seen on even this podcast!

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Jan 6, 2017

Andy Ristaino has managed to not only accomplish the completion of some gorgeous comic book art, but to also be indelibly involved in creating one of the great animated shows of the 21st century, Adventure Time. Serving many functions, and truly putting his stamp on that show, he learned his way around Cartoon Network and is now following that relationship to produce a brand new, top secret animated show of his own. We hash out what it's like to grind on the animation schedule vs. freelance, as well as the ins and outs of contracts, work/life pressure, staying healthy and making art long term. We also go deep talking about his two books "The Babysitter" (SLG) and "Night of the Living Vidiots" (self-published and amazing!) If you're not familiar with his work, you'll be in for a treat. This is a tremendously honest, entertaining and practical episode. If you work in the arts, no doubt this chat has some wisdom to share.

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Dec 31, 2016

In a companion to the last episode, but not a continuation, my epic recording session with Mike Dubisch took a turn into hypothetical territory, where we engaged in some epic brainstorming on his behalf. It turned into a de facto business strategy planning session (and almost squarespace add,) while diving deep into how to build a comic once you have the art, how to print it, present it to publishers or self publish it, market it and sell it. Truly a practical episode if I ever heard one. On top of all that the whole thing has the energy of a resolution, not just for the New Year, but for one's whole career. A perfect closer for 2016!

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Thanks for your continued ear-time!

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Dec 28, 2016

Mike Dubisch and I sparred with each other as we dissected our approach to process... not a talk so much about art process as our actual thought process about that process, more engaging than you'd think, since we happen to be a couple of passionate weirdos when it comes to making art, and that lead to a rousing good time. So much of a good time, that this is one of two episodes recorded that day. Not part one, just the first of two very separate conversations. Join us as we cleave away the old pretenses and myths we used to tell ourselves about art, and listen up for several very practical thoughts and details about managing your time, your life and long term career as a creator.

(This is me siphoning Mike's longer experience in comics and professional illustration, as I continue to learn tips of how to live like a pro from him, not just make money as an artist. Sure to have takeaways for many of you.)

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Dec 18, 2016

Comic Book artist Jeff Johnson (Wonder Man, Way of the Rat, Bornehome) sat with me to breakdown the life impact of making comics, especially on relationships, how using "art as an emotional escape is great training, but bad business [and life] planning", the value of practice, long term career stability, staying healthy and a whole heckuva lot more! It is a terrifically connected and insightful episode, and makes clear why Jeff's work is always inspiring to behold. A must listen for comics amateurs and pros alike, as well as for those who are driven to pursue a passion or craft of any kind.

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Dec 10, 2016

Mike Dubisch joins me on this solid three-peat of our co-hosting adventure, in which we peel away the layer of distraction and concern caused by current events and our reactions/overreactions to them. In addition, we get very specific about time management, time perception, following the muse/flow, and putting in the extra effort to do work that grows you as an artist, to find the maximized version of you and your work. It's a terrific look into our weird (but productive) heads, and a very personal glimpse at a little of our respective craziness. Another one I'm proud to present!

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Dec 2, 2016

Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience in San Francisco breaks down the retailer-creator relationship as we navigate a multi-layered chat about comic books and retail in the digital age. The talk takes some surprising turns and was far more creator-centric than I ever expected, proving that Brian has a keen grasp of everything that goes into comics, and passion for the medium that rivals the most fervent creators. This is another episode to take notes on for future use. We also delve deep into his monthly Graphic Novel Club ( as we explore the nature of the comic book store going forward. It's a tremendous and rich conversation.

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Nov 25, 2016

Jason McNamara sat down with me on some steps at Duboce Park in San Francisco to record this talk nearly four years ago, and it's easily still on topic for this show. Taking a breather from the current national blowback and the holiday crush, this episode features an interesting talk at a key moment for both of our careers, when things were about to shift, and we really, really wanted them to. Numerous insights and laughs fill an energetic discussion about breaking in, staying in, doing work that matters to you, feeling like outsiders and seeing things from that perspective. The episode was recorded to coincide with the Kickstarter campaign for The Rattler, written by Jason and illustrated by the inimitable Greg Hinkle. After the success of that kickstarter, the book went on to be one of my favorite reads in the last few years, and ultimately it was picked up and re-published by Image Comics. This conversation and the amazing book Jason and Greg made, are a testament to the fact that you can make it happen for yourself in comics if you're willing to put in the work. Buckle up for plenty of insight on that, and some incredibly entertaining convention anecdotes.

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Nov 18, 2016

After a week of sitting in stunned, post-election silence, (actually, we recorded an angry episode last week that promptly/conveniently/thankfully vanished,) Mike Dubisch and I convened once again to discuss the state of craft in the midst of tumultuous social and political upheaval. The conversation takes incredible turns from art and reality merging to powers behind the throne and on to why some storytellers are able to prophesize the future of society so accurately. It's an amazing recovery from the emotional mulligan that is the election of President... (bleh!)... Donald Trump. And don't worry, we do a pretty decent job of intertwining any politics with talk of craft, and even avoiding it for large chunks of the show. (Quite a feat, really!)

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Nov 4, 2016

Mike Dubisch joins the Storycraft podcast as the abby-normal co-host, bringing a new, much needed pulse to the show. We get in neck deep right away with a bristling indictment of misogynist Twitter trolling, fear of feminism, an obvious schism in American society, as well as the dreaded upcoming Presidential election and a whole helluva lot more.

If you have the habit of trolling people online and being vulgar, belligerent, threatening or hateful, this episode is ABOUT you, but probably not for you. Unless you just can't resist... But maybe just do us all the favor and steer clear?

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Oct 14, 2016

Superman inker Mick Gray joins me to talk about everything from managing a career, watching the trends, explaining those trends, hashing out our two cents about fine art vs commercial art and a bunch more. It's an energized and deep cutting episode throughout, but pay close attention to the last 20 minutes for some great anecdotes from the comic industry in the early 90s, including one featuring Jack "The King" Kirby. Mick cements his place in my pantheon of the nicest people in comics and once again reminds us why a good vibe and positive mindset will win out any day of the week!

Follow Mick's new music podcast The Deep Cut Podcast on Youtube, and find him on twitter under @inkermick and on FB.

Sep 24, 2016

Erin Lim and I wrestled skype to get an incredibly layered, entertaining, informative, and life changing, yes, life changing discussion about the gamut of working in around the creative arts, making stuff, having family stuff and dealing with it as best you can, and what makes a good podcast! (I think we passed.)

Listen up for a particularly cool section regarding filmmaker Ryan Coogler.

Very excited and grateful for this excellent chat.

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Sep 21, 2016

Founder/Savior of Film Threat Magazine, Film writer, TV Host, Stand-Up Comedian, and podcaster Chris Gore sat down with me for an entertaining, very deep and practically prophetic discussion of life/work balance, health hacks, universal elements of creative process, and of course, tons of film talk. We range from remakes to blockbusters and film of all shapes and sizes, trends, industry frustrations and making your own break. This will remain one of the most satisfying and full episodes for a long time to come.

Head to kickstarter now to fund the last few days of the Save Film Threat campaign, and find out about all the cool plans for the upcoming Film Threat relaunch.

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Dec 18, 2015

Comic Book artist, mixed martial artist and comic book history encyclopedia Matt Brundage joins me to discuss his current project Art Ops, written by Sean Simon, with art by Matt and inks by Mike Allred- published by Vertigo. Matt's career has taken a varied course, bouncing him from comics to the ring and back again, always reminding him of his love for the funny books. I could type more, but this episode does all the talking and then some. Comic book history and art nerds, rejoice! This one is for you.

Dec 10, 2015

Comic book artist, painter and super heckuva guy Dave Crosland (Titmouse Animation, upcoming Invader Zim comics, Ego Rehab,) chats with me about relationships, childhood, inner drives and inspiration, managing workflow, keeping after it, movies, cons, deep stuff, things that get funny, creative blah blah... Truly, I'd rather you just listen to the show... Enjoy!

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