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The how-to podcast for storytellers! Storycraft explores the business, process and personal experience of storytelling professionals, hosted by comic book illustrator Kraig Rasmussen. Learn how to survive & thrive in the story arts with firsthand insights from working storytellers in comic books, film, comedy, music, video games, literature, journalism, criticism and more! While you learn stuff, laugh, cringe, and bask in the unique stories, powerful minds, and colorful personalities of today's cutting edge creatives. New episodes released weekly!
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Jul 20, 2017

In true late night podcasting form, Seamus Smith, Pheobe Dubisch, Mike Dubisch and I share a bunch of laughs and "con-brain" moments as we recount the way our experience at San Diego Comic Con has changed over years in attendance, and how the con has changed as well. It's a love letter to "Nerding Man" that we attend yearly, but also a glimpse at creators in intake and networking mode, thinking less about story on the page, and more about story in the moment between people.

Then I sat down with Seamus Smith one-on-one to talk about his new portfolio site, where you can find his brilliant surrealist illustrations, his uniquely powerful photography, and his excellent debut short film, SLUMMING.

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Jul 13, 2017

Comic book creator & animator Stephan Franck (Silver, The Iron Giant, The upcoming Playmobile Movie) sat with me in his graphic novel packed art studio to discuss the different history of comics in Europe and how that shaped his mind, the "Spirited" results of his young fervor for animation, his tandem love for multiple crafts, and a bonkers revelation about the childhood influence that led him to later create his comic SILVER. We get in depth about his work with Brad Bird on the Iron Giant, the things he brought to that, the things he took away from it, and the way he sees the power of story and how to wield it. And never fear, we cover all kinds of fan service in between, for a very entertaining and insight packed conversation. In particular, if you are interested in getting deep on controlling your stories and images, which should be the whole audience for this show, you will find loads of wisdom to takeaway from this one.

Head to Kickstarter now to get in early on Stephan's next volume of SILVER:

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Jul 7, 2017

Children's book artist and papier mache master, Carolyn Watson-Dubisch joins me for a deep dive into art entrepreneurship, working for the long haul, the inner workings of the children's literary market, and how the residuals from one good project should be the goal, and could be a game changer for anyone's career in the arts. We also break down her recent art residency in Tetouan, Morocco, and discuss the incredible installation she built there, the experience of Ramadan as an American, living abroad for life exploration, how healthcare works (better) when you're in other countries, and challenging yourself, both by living elsewhere, but also by taking on projects before you know how you can execute them. On top of everything, this is "an artist's guide to Etsy, or, the art of tenacity." Truly a practical, takeaway packed conversation, with terrific cultural insight along the way.

Follow Carolyn Watson-Dubisch on Facebook, her Etsy store "Artisanmasks" and on Amazon, where you can find her available children's books.

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Jun 30, 2017

Alex Schumacher (Decades of (in)Experience, Mr. Butterchips) and I wrap up our career survival training talk with harsh truths about brutal honesty, pushing yourself to get your best, but only in a nice way, and intentionally working to make something outside of the "industry norm" whatever the industry. We also cover placing the right limits on yourself, tailoring your world to support you, finding the right relationships to provide that support, and that basically, though Murphy's Law may rule the day, Occam's Razor is the rule in the land of the creative-story arts: the simplest answer, (in this case most efficient and healthiest too,) is often the right answer. It's another hilarious riff fest surrounding and binding a deeply insightful look at maintaining your career and self over the long haul.

Find the great, painfully true work of Alex Schumacher on Decades of (in)Experience at and find the scathing, hilarious "Mr. Butterchips" at You can also find the whimsical and gorgeous "The world's crummiest umbrella" at, and the darkly funny "Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung" at or on comixology. Follow Alex an twitter and instagram @ajschumacherart.

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Jun 28, 2017

Illustrator Alex Schumacher (Decades of (in)Experience, Mr. Butterchips) and I shared libations and laughs a plenty as we discussed the hidden difficulties of an art career, losing and regaining your confidence after going "pro", and the seemingly thankless moments of making art. We also talk autobiographical work, subverting the usual comic book formats, growing (mostly) out of superhero comics, and making something personal. Then things get personal as we foray into managing the highs and lows of the job, integrating experiences into our work, and being patient with ourselves. This is one helluva fun time at the podcast, and it's also a straight up therapy session... but with laughs! If you have ever struggled to keep going, or to regain your focus in tough times, we are talking to/with you in this one. Stay tuned for part 2 in just a couple short days!

Find the great, painfully true work of Alex Schumacher on Decades of (in)Experience at and find the scathing, hilarious "Mr. Butterchips" at Follow Alex an twitter and instagram @ajschumacherart.

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Jun 11, 2017

The amazing Paul Madonna (All over Coffee, Small Potatoes, On to the Next Dream) joined me, along with my teammates Erin Lim, Ange- aka Captain Party, and producer Char from Bitch Talk, LIVE on stage at the Lost Church in San Francisco to discuss the changing experience of a long term career and life as a working artist in the city. We also get into his unique approach to narrative subject, his deft use of emotional tone, his HUGE upcoming museum show opening in JUNE 2018, and the power of control we have in the stories we tell ourselves. There is also a strong undercurrent of learning to enjoy the art experience, and of showing yourself some care and understanding in times of wandering and exploration, when maybe not the most tangible amount of work is getting done. Unexpectedly, (though surprising due to my unbelievable lack of sleep on stage,) this is an excellent episode, encapsulating everything I like to share from great artists, and stacked with some amazing reveals. The entire experience was an epic adventure that I cannot wait to repeat, only next time with more zzzzzzzzzz.....

A very big thank you to Paul, his hilarious wife Joen (sp?), The Lost Church & our host Phil, my Bitch Talkin' friends Erin, Ange & Char, my sister Kristen, filmmakers/pals Chadrick, Sean & Dexter, and Johnny the bartender for all kicking ass to make this night incredibly cool! Also, thank you to our rad and very engaged audience, some of whom are good friends already. You are the one's who made the night on top of it all. We cannot wait to bring you another show soon!!

Visit to find all of Paul's incredible books, and to keep up with his numerous Bay Area appearances and activities. Follow him on twitter @pmadonna.

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Jun 2, 2017

Cody Goodfellow and I round out our talk about wearing many storytelling hats and loving film, books and comics all the same, switching gears to grow creatively, and more. We also cover his great short film Stay At Home Dad, which is gooey awesome sauce, and his upcoming work. More fun times and lots of juicy takeaways... and sounds... Expect Cody back, due to all the fun we had, and a some cool things he has on the horizon.

Find Mystery Meat Comics at or, and get Rapture of the Deep from Hippocampus Press online or wherever you buy books! Look out for Cody's upcoming book the Snake Handler, co-authored by J. David Osborne, from Broken River Books.

Less than a day until the LIVE Podcast Tag-Team at the Lost Church in San Francisco. Grab your tickets now before they are gone:

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May 31, 2017

My blazing fast and fun talk with writer Cody Goodfellow, (Mystery Meat, Rapture of the Deep, & the upcoming Snake Handler w/J. David Osborne,) is the perfect example of his unique mind and the type of playful energy he brings to everything. We cover a ton of ground in this engaging and hilarious Part 1, discussing Hollywood myth vs. reality, making something fresh in a rehash soaked era, buying what we are sold growing up and the vast unknowable mysteries/frustrations of being an indie creator. But naturally we also get down to why we can't give that up, as well as pushing ourselves to do good work in the classical sense, defending good grammar and editing ourselves until our eyes bleed, or something like that. Listen to know all!!

Plus, I grabbed a few minutes with our pal Mike Dubisch to setup their creative relationship, which plays nicely into Cody's thoughts on the matter later in the episode.

It's a different mix and a deeper story than usual, and without a doubt a great listen!

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May 26, 2017

Black Jack Ketchum and Ultrasylvania writer/creator Brian Schirmer returns with an amazing breakdown of how he built a 3-peat success on kickstarter, as well as how each campaign evolved and how he survived them. We also get into his great work behind the scenes and in the classroom as a leading figure in the comic book curriculum at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, our habits that keep us creatively fresh, what we watch or read while we are on a project, and some very literal keys to the gates of a comic book career. It is a massively insightful episode that gets better with time, since it was recorded as a part of the original show, but is still one of the most informative episodes I've ever recorded- and now the editing doesn't suck!

Speaking of San Francisco, The Storycraft Podcast and Bitch Talk are performing a LIVE! Podcast Tag-Team at the Lost Church on Capp St, SF, NEXT FRIDAY June 2nd, featuring two incredible Bay Area specific guests! Listen to this episode to find out who!!

Get tickets now at $15 early bird tickets are going fast. After tht it's $20 and $20 at the door. Join us SF!

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May 20, 2017

In a slightly unconventional episode, Mike Dubisch and I use a handful of segments to garner our art-hustle-scattered minds and make sure we talked about something specific. We discuss particular breakthroughs we've recently had in storytelling, discuss who we are stealing from, get deeper into comics history while equating it to media being created now, and close out on surprise inspirations and a small shout out. Somewhere in there, Mike talks about some low level anxiety/hustle he is feeling about upcoming travel, and he reveals an interesting way he is going to experience his trip. A very practical episode, full of particulars about art and story, with plenty of us being dorks along the way!

Don't forget that the LIVE! Podcast Tag-Team is happening in San Francisco on Friday, June 2nd at the Lost Church on Capp Street. Please come out and join us for deep talks and lots of silly! Get $15 early-bird tix now at

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May 18, 2017

Or: How to make a micro budget film into a masterpiece! Producer of the superb film Electric Heart, and also very longtime friend, Scott Little talks about the long road bringing this film to life, his incredible army of talented collaborators, why this film is so unique in the way it uses an emotionally & pumping powerful EDM soundtrack, and why it is the first of it's kind. We also detail the ins & outs of almost every facet of production on the feature, including both pre & post production talk, and some downright exciting news about the near future of the project. Scott also gets into the future of his FilmDM/LifeFlip Empire and what is next on the horizon. This is a lexicon of what it takes to build your film once you have the story, and it delivers a boatload of specifics that left me miles more inspired to jump into directing than I already was. I'm very proud to be in the extended family of this excellent project, and equally proud of the detail and laughs this episode provides!

Keep up with Electric Heart on Instagram @electricheart, on twitter @_electric_heart, get involved and help bring, or find out about a screening in your city by visiting Electric Heart Movie Facebook. You can also see the terrific trailer there or on YouTube.

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May 12, 2017

The Black Monday Murders illustrator Tomm Coker chats with me in a familiar and somewhat noisy Hollywood motel room, about following your heart as an artist, navigating an idiosyncratic career, the flaw of superhero soap operas, and some strange perspectives on our work. Tomm shares an awesome story about a high profile portfolio gut punch that even I felt as he recounted it, along with some excellent inside peaks into early Image Comics as a company. We also talk around a strange connection we share from Sacramento, our mutual tendency toward Destructive Perfectionism (I'm soaking in it), tips about cover design, building your creative confidence, and how drawing comics makes you be the best version of yourself because drawing like someone else makes the job a lot harder. We also take a deep dive through Tomm's long career while we check off the list of his many, and mostly shared, influences. I think we manage to make the comic nerd talk fit into our larger chat about our work and the fundamentals of design.

Follow Tomm Coker on Instagram @tommcoker or on Facebook. The first trade of Black Monday Murders, written by Jonathan Hickman and gorgeous art by Tomm, as well as issue 5+, are available now at your local comic shop or online.

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May 5, 2017

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Last episode's guest, curator and art historian Tierney Hamilton returns for a short chat about what she's up to now at the Marin Cultural Association and how things have shifted, or rather been reinforced by national events. We kept things much more SFW this time, focusing on the absolute importance of communicating the importance of culture in times like these, parallels between now and the Summer of Love in 1967, some great insight about the psychedelic poster art of that time, a few historical tidbits, news about the related show she's building for the Marin County Fair (from June 30-July 4th), and we bring our talk of a certain photographer full circle. As rowdy as we got last episode, we get equally socio-political in this one. And the parallels in art history with modern times are endless.

Follow the Marin Cultural Center/Association on twitter & instagram @marincultural, on Facebook at Marin Cultural Association, and on their snazzy new site

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May 3, 2017

Art curator and art historian Tierney Hamilton sat with me for a deep, silly, and possibly naughty episode that went to some very surprising places. We chat about the story of art in society, how that story is presented in museums both in the U.S. and abroad, the value of art in modern times, how our connection to it has changed in the last century or so, and the destruction of Palmyra by ISIS being a sign of the times. We also delve into Bay Area changes, the mysteries of porn (yep), then (naturally) plastic surgery, before we take a hard turn into political correctness, satire, dating and stories about making fools of ourselves. It's an eye opening look at art from the daily perspective, which has more value to us as creators every day.

This episode was such a blast to record and I hope to make more like it.

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Apr 29, 2017

After our last co-hosting adventure, I realized that Mike and I had made a grievous oversight in our initial Storyteller Bio roster picks, which shined a light on an unfortunate truth about 20th century comics that I somehow never admitted to myself. HINT: like almost everything else in America right now, it has do with race and gender. We take great pains to recognize the problem for what it is/was, and discover that for us it may not really be a problem, because it opens all kinds of intriguing doors for exploration. In the middle of it all, I shift gears to apologize for a slightly body shaming, careless statement I made during the previous episode with Jim Mahfood - a statement which has now been edited out. Yes, it's a correction-cast extraordinaire, but we manage to pack it with laughs, a few fun social discoveries, talk about the role critics have historically held in society, and how hard it is NOT to put your foot/feet in your mouth these days. These extra episodes are starting to be a total blast every time, which bodes well for the quality and entertainment value of the upcoming Storyteller Bio episodes. Stay tuned!

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Apr 27, 2017

Jim Mahfood, (Grrl Scouts, Tank Girl, Clerks, Stupid Comics,) an iconoclastic, imagination powerhouse of a comic book artist, was my first guest on the original run of the Storycraft Podcast, and this is a much buttered-up-through-the-magic-of- editing re-release of that original episode. You would scarcely know it from how much better it sounds! The conversation remains as true today as it was then, in which we cover managing a 21st century art career in very specific ways, how superheroes do not represent all comics, but how they certainly created our love affair with the medium, and how that may be from frustration over industry trends, or just how certain people grow from reader to artist, and the shift in interests that ensue. We also talk a lot about diversifying as a creator to make a living, some of our influences who did the same, and the unique voice that comes along with innovation based on the rigors of a very challenging art form. I'm very pleased to present this again, and am delighted to find it as full of takeaways as any episode I might record today.

Celebrate Jim's return to where it all started, and pick up the new 6 issue limited series Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks, starting May 17th from Image Comics!!

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming Live Storycraft/Bitch Talk crossover podcast in San Francisco, Friday June 2nd!

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Apr 22, 2017

Mike Dubisch and I sat in the car to have a quick talk about our plan for a very cool series of Storyteller Bio episodes, as the podcast expands to bi-weekly (because we are clearly not busy enough.) We share our reasons for mutually wanting to do this series, including our feelings about digital vs. traditional media and techniques, our love of highly influential and/or [recently] departed creators, and the exciting mysteries of unearthing semi-forgotten storytellers or works. Then I lump in my obsession with great history and true crime podcasts, (shout out to previous guests Gareth Reynolds, Jimmie Whisman & James Pietragallo,) which all comes together to inspire a deep dive into the history of story makers and personal influences. This was a blast to record, as you can tell from all the laughing.

The first Storyteller Bio drops next week, as we discuss our recently departed friend, Berni Wrightson.

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Apr 19, 2017

Prolific, mystically imaginative and, dare I say, iconic comic book writer, television writer & novelist J.M. DeMatteis (Spider-man: Kraven's Last Hunt, Green Lantern: Willworld, Seekers: Into the Mystery, JL Dark, Scooby-Doo Apocalypse... whew!) joined me via a relatively well-behaved Skype connection for a terrific new episode!! We talk about the metaphysical underpinnings of his work, how I'm unabashedly in love with Willworld, how much it inspired/inspires me, as well as the legacy of that book and J.M.'s collaboration with the late, great Seth Fisher. We discuss our uncanny variety of shared themes, our similar lifetime obsession with metaphysics and the human mystery, including the inner journey in our work, sustaining a creative career and a helluva lot more. Top notch talk from one of my favorite guests to date, and full of more takeaways than one listen will provide.

Be sure to stay through the end to hear an AMAZING piece of comics history!

Find J.M.'s various works online or wherever you buy comics, including the new Vol. 2 collection of "the Adventures of Augusta Wind", and definitely pick up Willworld used (or on comixology) if you've never read it.

Follow J.M. DeMatteis on twitter @JMDeMatteis. Keep up with his site, where you can join his Imagination 101 workshops.

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Apr 8, 2017

Chris Mancini, (filmmaker, writer, comedian, podcaster, co-founder and co-organizer of the Los Angeles Podcast Festival,) braved a cranky skype connection to record this terrific episode for writers, filmmakers, comic book makers and Kickstarters. He details the Kickstarter campaign for "Alton Wright & Friends," which opens the door to his notable kickstarter successes, how to survive a campaign, and how to use the built-in community within the platform. He reveals behind the scenes info about his in-progress graphic novel project "Long Ago, and Far Away," illustrated by Fernando Pinto-- which reveals how great Print Ninja is in their community outreach via kickstarter. We also discuss utilizing a platform like Comedy Film Nerds, executing your best work judiciously, the phenomenon of universal themes present in the entire library of a creator's work, why that's a thing, we talk about his book Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad," and he shares his thoughts on maturing as a creator. On top of it all Chris gives some valuable insights about running an online store, drops some VERY interesting news breaks about the upcoming LA Podfest 2017, potential near future podcast happenings, and news about their terrific film "Earbuds: the Podcasting Documentary," (available now at 

Follow Chris on twitter @chrisjmancini and @comedyfilmnerds. Follow Earbuds @earbudspodmovie and go get your copy now at, then read the amazing array of their film crit content.

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Mar 18, 2017

Stop-motion animator Neil McLean is building an amazing little empire in his rigorously crafted world of Dungeon, sure to impress a lot of people when the series debuts a little later this year! I sat down with Neil, accompanied by my pal, artist Seamus Smith, to talk about Dungeon the morning after I got a chance to be blown away by the first short, (watch it now at We got way under the skin of the project, discussing how he came to be making such an arduous project and why he couldn't help but to do. As we recorded with his sets and characters all around, the conversation got deep behind the scenes, revealing secrets of the big reaches imagination will make to solve problems, where specific secrets in design can come from, British upbringing vs American upbringing, and the different yet similar inspirations those contained. Doctor Who, MST3K, Rankin & Bass... no stone is left un-turned. The whole thing has an underpinning of solid humor, nerdy art references and some very keen political/social commentary. It's a packed episode that doesn't drop the beat for a second. We had a terrific time recording it! The amount of takeaways, laughs and sheer level of inspiration is surefire proof.

Watch the progress of Dungeon at, and follow Neil McLean on twitter and instagram @remdiavideo.

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Mar 11, 2017

Jimmy Palmiotti (All-Star Western, Hype), Brian Schirmer (Ultrasylvania, Blackjack Ketchum), and I, moderated by Chris Brandt (Hero a Day, Independents), did a panel at Wondercon in 2013, in which we breakdown the mysteries of running a kickstarter and being an effective creator in the new entrepreneurial age. Both Jimmy and Brian bring incredible wisdom to the conversation, straight from their multiple kickstarter successes. So, if you're thinking of running a campaign, this episode has you covered. From planning and preparing, through the day-in-day-out of managing, marketing and succeeding at your fundraising goal. Throughout, Chris Brandt helps keep the whole thing relevant and focused, making sure everything sticks to the message that you CAN make your own thing, while providing numerous ways to go about that.

Literally the most takeaway packed episode of this show so far. Wall-to-wall wisdom (and wisecracks)!

Thanks very much to Jimmy, Brian and Chris for letting me record this as a podcast. It's twice as pertinent now as in 2013!

Follow Jimmy Palmiotti on twitter & instagram @jimmypalmiotti. Check out his group site to keep up with Jimmy, Amanda Connor, Justin Gray, Paul Mounts & Frank Tieri. Pick up Jimmy's books All-Star Western and Hype wherever you buy comics.

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Feb 25, 2017

Way back in 2012 I was invited to join a panel at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, entitled "Using Childhood Experiences to Create Adult Stories," featuring Jim Woodring(!), Miriam Libicki, Derek Kirk Kim, and mc'd by Andrew Farago from the Cartoon Art Museum. The panel stayed more on point than most and provides, as advertised, a slough of childhood tales, origin details, influences, inspirations, adventures and, naturally, misadventures. Despite some sound issues, which mostly clear up less than 15 minutes in, this is a terrific episode featuring and bunch of young upstarts (us) and a verified legend (Jim) sharing a thought provoking journey through our pasts, and our guts as artists. This episode is just as juicy as I like 'em!

This episode was originally posted during the first run of this podcast in 2013, but since that feed is gone and the the sound was so awful, it's basically new to everyone including me this time out.

Thanks very much to all the speakers!

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Feb 4, 2017

Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap has been impressing me (and cracking me up) with his keen observations and high output for years. It was a long awaited pleasure to sit down and discuss the discipline of producing a regular comic strip, how to navigate relationships, how other people see artists, using social media for good instead of ill, convention hacks, life balance and a lot more. It is, unsurprisingly, also quite topical as the shadow of the orange tyrant looms over all the land, and is impossible to avoid discussing.

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Jan 6, 2017

Andy Ristaino has managed to not only accomplish the completion of some gorgeous comic book art, but to also be indelibly involved in creating one of the great animated shows of the 21st century, Adventure Time. Serving many functions, and truly putting his stamp on that show, he learned his way around Cartoon Network and is now following that relationship to produce a brand new, top secret animated show of his own. We hash out what it's like to grind on the animation schedule vs. freelance, as well as the ins and outs of contracts, work/life pressure, staying healthy and making art long term. We also go deep talking about his two books "The Babysitter" (SLG) and "Night of the Living Vidiots" (self-published and amazing!) If you're not familiar with his work, you'll be in for a treat. This is a tremendously honest, entertaining and practical episode. If you work in the arts, no doubt this chat has some wisdom to share.

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Dec 31, 2016

In a companion to the last episode, but not a continuation, my epic recording session with Mike Dubisch took a turn into hypothetical territory, where we engaged in some epic brainstorming on his behalf. It turned into a de facto business strategy planning session (and almost squarespace add,) while diving deep into how to build a comic once you have the art, how to print it, present it to publishers or self publish it, market it and sell it. Truly a practical episode if I ever heard one. On top of all that the whole thing has the energy of a resolution, not just for the New Year, but for one's whole career. A perfect closer for 2016!

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